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Indigenous People In Canada Celebrate Their One Day While Sharks Get A Whole Week


CANADA — On June 21st, a nation comes together to celebrate the rich cultural history of Indigenous people and also pay honour to the ancestral heritage of the first inhabitants in Canada.

But to every white person, June 21st is just the longest day of the year.

“This day means a lot to us, but a week would mean much more,” said Charlie Bird from Big Foot First Nation. “I hate to be a curmudgeon about it all, but sharks get seven days to celebrate being themselves. And I get it. One group has received government and NGO support because they are dying off in record numbers due to a deteriorating environment, and the other group is Indigenous people.”

Currently there are over 600 Indigenous groups in Canada as well as over 60 languages reported by Statistics Canada. For a large group of people who have all endured famine, plague, systemic racism, assimilation, poverty, and residential schools, one day is all they need according to those who choose to believe in the nursery version of Canada’s history.

Sources have confirmed that some Indigenous people have taken to dressing up as sharks in order to receive the same privilege.

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