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Indigenous news served with truth & a dose of deadly humour. New season on APTN lumi February 2023!

The Feather News is a satirical version of real news with an Indigenous twist. With cutting edge monologues, interviews, and sketches, we aim to speak to the
nuances of Canadian society and culture by placing a mirror to those in power and reminding them of how ridiculous things have been and how things are at the
moment. Some say that we share DNA with “The Chappelle Show” and “The Daily Show”. We like to think that we are the bastard child of both of those shows, and we do so while being unapologetically Indigenous.

We plan to run seasons for The Feather as long as the sun shines, the grass grows and the river flows. Yes, we invoke treaties whenever we can because we are
exceptional at what we do.

With our talented cast and crew, we plan on taking The Feather to brand new heights. We envision a TV show that will be there seven generations ahead of us (hopefully by then, we’ll have the land back). With a comical take on reality, we aim to be an established series that can be a force in the industry. We are serious
about being funny. Seriously.

See more on the APTN show page.


Episodes on APTN lumi

Episode 1 - Latimer Violence
Our cutting edge news team takes on the issue of false identity in this episode. We provide a news update, highlight a new “Racism Simulator” business, and interview a traditional dancer with an identity crisis.

Episode 2 - Picket Signs
What’s with all the protests in Indigenous country? We dive deep into all the social movements around the world and whether or not they are effective (hint: they are).

Episode 3 - Arrested Development
The RCMP and Indigenous people have a long and difficult history. In this episode, we attempt to demystify this relationship through news updates, a police officer on a talent show, and an interview with a criminal on the run.

Episode 4 - Race Relations
Canada is a multicultural nation and our news crew takes aim on how this plays out in everyday life. We reimagine how the Treaty Signings occurred if there were different approaches, we interview the Pope (yes, THE Pope), and take a deep dive into race relations through a cutting edge monologue.

Episode 5 - Never Read The Comments
In this episode, we take on the social media industry and how it affects our communities and relationships. We interview a TikTok influencer, sit down with a politician who has a radical plan to combat online racism, and find out if using social media for change is effective or not.

Episode 6 - Casino Industrial Complex
What’s with all the casinos in Indigenous country? Our news team is deployed to find out how the economy actually works on reserves and how we generate revenue elsewhere. And as an added bonus, we tackle taxes and provide truth on how these are paid in Indigenous communities. Yes, we do pay those!


Google Drive folder with select production stills

Google Drive folder with select screenshots from episodes

Key Creatives

Daniel Knight: Host/Writer/Director

Daniel Knight is an actor/musician/comedian/writer/director. He attended and graduated from GTNT's Circle of Voices program, youth ensemble, red spirit and fire spirit programs. He held an artist residency at Persephone Theatre where he studied script work, sound design, administration, marketing and acting.


His acting credits include; Thunderstick (Globe Theatre), The Shortcuts Festival 2016 (Hardly Art Theatre), Dominion (Gtnt), A History of Breathing (Persphone Theatre) Hawk or How he learned to play his song (Onelight theatre). His directing credits include Leave It To Weavers (GTNT), Mekiwin the Gift (GTNT), Remnance (Burnt Thicket Theatre & GTNT), and The Feather on APTN. Daniel Knight is also a winner of the Mathew Murray invitational tournament, the Dog House Comedy Smackdown and a showcase winner of the Comedy Lab. He produces and co hosts the Funny Bone Schmomedy Zone with Shawn Cuthand.

Photo of Daniel Knight

Shawn "Loosemoose" Cuthand: Host/Writer/Producer

Shawn Cuthand is a nehiyaw (Cree) and Kanienʼkehá꞉ka (Mohawk) writer, comedian, producer, actor and director living in so called Saskatoon on Treaty 6 territory. Currently he is a part of the satirical news group The Feather, where he has on screen roles as well
as behind the scenes writing and producing roles. The Feather recently won the APTN/ImagineNative web series pitch competition.

Being a part of The Feather series in the role of a “news anchor”, he has garnered attention of theatre organizations such as the Gordon Tootoosis Nikawinan Theatre’s (GTNT) A Rez Xmas series for two years in a row playing multiple roles. He has also done voice acting in an audio play released by Burnt Thicket Theatre and GTNT called Remnance. Shawn has also written articles for CBC online as well as being a part of the Indigenous Cities project for the National Arts Centre where he retold a story from his uncle John Cuthand. He currently sits on the board of directors for PAVED Arts for three years as well. 


Shawn has a major passion for stand up comedy and has been performing for 5 years. He has performed at the Winnipeg Fringe, Woke Comedy hour, Laughter is Medicine and made it to the finals of Edmonton’s Grindstone Comedy Competition in 2021. The past 2 years he has focused on hosting a fringe show in Saskatoon for stand up comedy with Danny Knight called The Funny Bone Schmomedy Zone. The show received 4 stars in 2021 and was at the Broadway Theatre in 2022.


Photo of Shawn Cuthand


Ryan Moccasin: Executive Producer/Writer

Ryan Moccasin is a notable author, satirist, and comedian from Saskatoon. He is currently executive producer for the online satirical news show called The Feather News. His fake news articles and videos have been featured on APTN InFocus, CTV, and CBC. His work has garnered over thousands of views and impressions on social media. His work has been funded by Creative Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Arts Board, PAVED Arts, and the Indigenous Screen Office. The body of work done with The Feather has led to opportunities such as winning the web series pitch competition for the ImagiNATIVE/APTN festival. 

His recent sci-fi novel "Suicide Empire" was featured on CBC Radio, APTN, and Eagle Feather News. It can be found on Amazon and wherever fringe books are sold near you. He has also written a Christmas screenplay for the Gordon Tootoosis Nikaniwin Theater Company along with a team of talented artists to bring this play to the theater. 


Recently, he was selected to take part in the National Screen Institute - Art of Business Management course, in partnership with the Indigenous Screen Office. After taking part in the NSI - Art of Business Management course, he obtained a stronger understanding of TV & Film industry and has applied this to his production company behind the comedy series on APTN, The Feather Entertainment Inc.

Photo of Ryan Moccasin

The Feather in the News

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