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New Season

After several years of blogging and vlogging on our own, the Feather News team has partnered with APTN lumi to bring you an entirely new season of our takes on the hot topics of the day.  Watch all six for free with a 2 week trial subscription (no credit card required!) Check below to get some idea of what to expect.

Episode 1 - Latimer Violence

Our cutting edge news team takes on the issue of false identity in this episode. We provide a news update, highlight a new “Racism Simulator” business, and interview a traditional dancer with an identity crisis.

Episode 1 Video Clips
Episode 1 Photos

Episode 2 - Picket Signs

What’s with all the protests in Indigenous country? We dive deep into all the social movements around the world and whether or not they are effective (hint: they are).

Episode 2 Video Clips
Episode 2 Photos

Episode 3 - Arrested Development

The RCMP and Indigenous people have a long and difficult history. In this episode, we attempt to demystify this relationship through news updates, a police officer on a talent show, and an interview with a criminal on the run.

Episode 3 Video Clips
Episode 3 Photos

Episode 4 - Race Relations

Canada is a multicultural nation and our news crew takes aim on how this plays out in everyday life. We reimagine how the Treaty Signings occurred if there were different approaches, we interview the Pope (yes, THE Pope), and take a deep dive into race relations through a cutting edge monologue.

Episode 4 Video Clips
Episode 4 Photos

Episode 5 - Never Read the Comments

In this episode, we take on the social media industry and how it affects our communities and relationships. We interview a TikTok influencer, sit down with a politician who has a radical plan to combat online racism, and find out if using social media for change is effective or not.

Episode 5 Video Clips
Episode 5 Photos

Episode 6 - Casino Industrial Complex

What’s with all the casinos in Indigenous country? Our news team is deployed to find out how the economy actually works on reserves and how we generate revenue elsewhere. And as an added bonus, we tackle taxes and provide truth on how these are paid in Indigenous communities. Yes, we do pay those!

Episode 6 Video Clips
Episode 6 Photos
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