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Canada Reflects On The Long Arduous, Difficult, Bloody, Genocidal, WTF, Road That Got Us All Here

As Canadians settle down for a national day of reflection and new found guilt, a few took the time to describe their feelings about the matter.

"What a wild ride," said Jamie Joyce as she lit up a cigarette while reflecting on Canada's past exploits. "As a person without color, this is all like a rollercoaster fuelled by genocide and that has been built on stolen land, ya know?"

Others took the time to dismiss the facts of the recent news about Residential Schools.

"I don't have time for the truth," said Ron Herbert as he took time away from watching Fox News to speak with us. "How dare these so called 'experts' bother us with the facts of the matter. I mean, come on, I'm still trying to digest the news that the China Virus came from a lab in Wu-Tang. And did you also know about the child trafficking ring propagated by the Clintons and those in power. They also were found out to be in cahoots with the..."

We took time away from Mr. Herbert to focus on the actual subject matter of this special news piece, which is that some people are actually taking time to reflect and subsequently grow from all the terrible news that invades our public discourse, looking for ways to alleviate suffering amongst their communities in hopes of healing those around them. Others decide to turn away and side with ignorance.


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