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Man Who Knows Every Marvel Character Has No Idea What Treaty Number He Lives In


Expressing profound joy over knowing every origin story of his favorite comic book characters, Tanner Flip-Flops stumbled upon the question when asked about the treaties in Canada.

“Treaties?” said Tanner. “I never heard of them. The history books in high school literally told us “The Indians in Canada helped build the fur trades, nothing else happened.” That stuff is boring though. Did you know Beta Ray Bill is the only one worthy enough to wield Thor’s hammer? This was first depicted on the cover of the 1983 series, The Mighty Thor. He hails from the Korbonite people, which is typically aliens with light orange skin, but Beta Ray Bill is quite fair in comparison…”

Sources confirmed that Tanner Flip-Flops is still studying useless origin stories to this day.


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