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Indigenous Woman’s “Rich White Girl” Identity Somehow Made Her Sexual Assault Case


VANCOUVER —  Flipping her blonde hair to the side while walking to the Range Rover, Taylor Smith just finished submitting a police report over a sexual assault allegation from 15 years ago.

“The police were so nice and accommodating, “said Taylor, whose real name is Tara Littlefoot. “There were no allegations of me being drunk or a liar, there was just… acceptance. It’s almost as if those with a higher socioeconomic status who are unaffected by generations of colonial violence are taken more seriously by the justice system in Canada.”

Tara’s actions come at a time when Indigenous woman across the country have been sharing their sexual assault stories on social media.

“I changed my name on Facebook to Taylor Smith, put on my rich white girl identity, then shared my story and wow… I am now scheduled to speak on Oprah next week,” said Tara. “It was awfully nice of them to take me serious for once. This identity has really brought out the best in everybody. Weird, right?”

Tara then began to take off the wig, remove the white face, and then drove off to return the rented SUV.

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