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Critics Warn That Removing John A. Macdonald Statue May Lead To Eradicating Racism Altogether

John. A Macdonald

VICTORIA — Lamenting the fact that their esteemed leader will no longer be glorified for his crimes against Indigenous peoples, critics held a press conference today on the steps of City Hall in Victoria.

“We need to decide, as a nation, what side of history we want to be on,” said Randy Cruze, a concerned citizen. “Do we want to be on the same side as the founding fathers, or do we want take the reasonable stance of removing memorabilia that represents Canada’s dark and colonial history? We stand with the former of the two. The latter may lead us down a dark path towards reconciliation.”

The city of Victoria, BC caused shockwaves through the nation when they announced plans to remove a John A. Macdonald statue from the steps of City Hall.

“The message we want to send is clear,” said Cruze. “And that is to those who commit horrendous acts of racism towards Indigenous people, a statue will be built in your honour. And to those who try to remove that statue, just know it’s a crime bigger than those committed by our founding fathers.”


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