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Old White Man Grappling With Idea Of Foreigners Taking All The Stolen Land


Sneering into the camera and yelling incoherent words into the camera, a senior citizen unleashed a racist tirade on live television today. The remarks were triggered by a group of four congresswomen who had the audacity to literally exist in the same world as a senile old man full of insecurities.

“I have many people saying this, that they should not be here,” said the angry old man. “When we see all this, across the board, a lot of people are telling me. You know, my grandparents bought this land fair and square, no problem. Them, they just did not want to earn it like we did. It’s really, really disappointing when this happens this way. Another thing, I have so much property across the oceans, so many oceans. Who are they to tell us…”

Sources confirmed that all Indigenous people let out a collective sigh as the media shitstorm raged on and on.


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