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Maxime Bernier Lays Out His Vision Of A Utopian Nation Filled With Uncultured Swine

Maxime Bernier

OTTAWA — Standing on the steps of Parliament Hill, flanked by MPs from the Conservative Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier delivered a fiery speech outlining the vision he has for Canada’s immigration policy.

“I have a vision. And that is white people, brown people, and black people will no longer be people. We will usher in a new age of enlightenment. One where we speak the same truths and recite the same anthem over and over again,” said Bernier. “Indigenous, Immigrant, these labels are just too much for Canada to handle. In my vision, there would be no need to resolve differences when there are no differences.”

Sources confirmed that Bernier and his supporters envision a future where all Canadians will wear white and red cloaks to signify unity to Canada’s flag, as well as daily marches and hourly salutes to affirm their Canadian identity.


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