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Jody Wilson-Raybould Caught Bribing Libyan Dictators, Trudeau Promptly Reinstates Her As AG


In an unexpected sequence of events, former Justice Minister and Attorney General, Jody Wilson-Raybould, has been accused of bribing foreign dictators to secure lucrative contracts for herself and the Liberal Party of Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomed the news and has accepted her back into the party caucus.

“This is the kind of leadership we are willing to reward people for,” said Trudeau. “I was extremely disappointed that we couldn’t work things out over the whole SNC-Lavalin affair, but when I heard that she took corruption into her own hands I quickly reversed my position. Her subsequent actions by bribing some of the most ruthless dictators with no regard for human life has shown me that she does have some redeeming qualities. I dare submit that she is Prime Minister material. Welcome back to the Liberal Party of Canada, Jody!”

Sources confirmed that Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer was also seen in Libya studying how dictators successfully oppress marginalized groups.



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