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In Reconciliation Move, Police Will Do Land Acknowledgement Before Arresting Indigenous People

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair

In a bold reconciliation move, Canada’s police commissioners announced a new initiative designed to mend relations with the country’s Indigenous people.

“We just want to flex some reconciliation muscle before we proceed with an arrest,” said Thunder Bay Police Chief, Sylvie Hauth. “It is important for us to acknowledge the land on which we are oppressing them on. A typical arrest begins with us assuming guilt and asking questions later, but now we are committed to reforming our ways. Our staff will be trained in the methods of overzealous academics, politicians, and CEO’s who have jumped on the bandwagon as well.”

Sources confirmed that Indigenous leaders had mixed emotions with some saying racist attitudes on the police force will not change and that this whole process is like putting lipstick on a pig. Pun intended.



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