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Canada Finally Ready To Admit That Indigenous People Came Up With The Idea For Universal Healthcare

indigenous healthcare

OTTAWA — Although the idea was not strong enough to ward off smallpox and tuberculosis, the intent of healthcare-for-all began as a medicine chest clause for Indigenous people during the relatively peaceful times of Canada in the 1800’s.

“I got to admit, it was a great idea,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “This may piss off most people beholden to the idea that Tommy Douglas was the father of universal healthcare. I’m sorry, PARENT of universal healthcare.”

Notable scholars and esteemed academics submit that the medicine chest clause was a precursor to the current healthcare system engrained in Canadian culture. Historians still want Canadians to believe that Mr. Douglas is the parent of universal healthcare, but they also ask the public to consider Indigenous people as the grandparents (Kokum and Mushum) of universal healthcare.

“The fact is that Indigenous people were forthcoming enough to see that great famine and plague would decimate their culture, so much so that they negotiated a medicine chest clause in their treaties,” said Trudeau. “We never fulfilled most of those legal obligations, but you get the idea.”


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