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Breaking: Award-Winning News Company Uncovers Senator Lynn Beyak’s Top Secret Website

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In probably one of the most incredible and daring displays of journalism in the modern century, The Feather News has just unearthed shocking new evidence regarding Senator Lynn Beyak’s racist material on her old website.

Sometime last week our highly skilled team of researchers discovered her new and updated website, and what we found will shock you.

The website can be found here:

The content directs people to read some literature from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which was a program designed to allow survivors from the Residential School system to share their stories. The website also directs readers to an article on how to talk to your kids about race, in case you were raised around ignorance and now you are seething with racism.

The website also comes with an updated message from the senator outlining her challenges with selective reading that only confirms her pre-existing ideas and biases.

Editor’s note: We here at The Feather are proud of the work we have done and do not find it awkward at all to report on ourselves for once.


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