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This Year’s “Sexy Cherokee” Costume Comes With Full Experience Of Oppression And Disenfranchisement

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EDMONTON — Crying to her herself while putting on the “Sexy Cherokee” outfit, white girl Callie Smith was looking forward to enjoying this year’s Halloween with her girls with a night on the town until. That is, until she realized her mistake.

“When I tried it on, it just looked and felt awesome,” said a sobbing Callie. “But when I got to the cash register, they took away my voting rights, took away my children, and outlawed me from gaining any kind of employment.”

In a bold move, the company reached a deal with Indigenous activists saying that they will include the real and true experience of what life was like for Indigenous women, sexy or not.

Sources confirmed that Callie and her girls will be spending Halloween dealing the fallout of becoming a marginalized and disenfranchised group of people. “Worst Halloween ever!” said Callie.


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