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Next Year’s Munk Debate Will Just Feature The Dalai Lama Breathing Along Side The Nation For 3

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TORONTO — After a contentious few weeks, Aurea Foundation spokesperson Rudyard Griffiths announced a new change in direction for the controversial debate forum.

“We understand that these little petunias cannot have adult conversations anymore,” said Griffiths. “We understand that our public discourse has devolved into exercises of tribal outrage. We also understand that the imagined presence of militant progressives and pre-apocalyptic conservatives has created a fear-based narrative that has lead to a social paralysis deep within our culture.”

The Munk Debates confirmed that they will be debating lighter subjects such as “The Colour Of Water”, “What’s With Decaffeinated Coffee?”, and “Do Snakes Have Really Long Tails, Or Really Long Necks?”

Sources confirmed that His Holiness The Dalai Lama will be teaching Canadians the essence of breathing properly while learning how to stay fucking calm.

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