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Liberals Reveal It Was An Elaborate Prank Just To See Conservatives Listen To An Indigenous Woman


Announcing that the recent SNC-Lavelin scandal was just a hoax, Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet members began laughing menacingly in the House of Commons.

“Psyche!” said Justin Trudeau. “You should have seen the look on Andrew’s face when he first learned about the whole thing. He sincerely believed in the words of an Indigenous woman for once. It was especially gratifying to see his party members listen to her as well. We have been planning this ever since their former leader, Stephen Harper, said that he doesn’t care about missing or murdered Indigenous women.”

After Question Period, Andrew Scheer revealed that he takes back all the nice things he said about Jody Wilson-Raybould.

“This sucks,” said Scheer. “If I am elected this year, I promise my colleagues that we will do a much better job of covering up our scandals.”



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