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Justin Trudeau Stands Up To Saudi Arabia By Showing Them How To Properly Suppress Human Rights

trudeau saudi

OTTAWA — Outlining that no one knows better than Canada on extinguishing human rights, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the media to outline his plan to stand up against the oppressive Saudi Arabia regime.

“Pfffffftt, amateurs,” said Prime Minister Trudeau. “They do not understand that we have been doing this kind of thing for over a century, 151 years to be exact. This nation was built on the idea that Indigenous rights are secondary to our economic agenda. So this little Saudi prince better sit down and recognize that we are the real O.G.’s when it comes to putting resources over people.”

The Prime Minister’s Office confirmed that this latest RCMP intervention on Wet’suwet’en First Nations territory is a way to honour the many times that Canada has done this kind of thing, and will most likely continue to do so.

“Here’s to another 151 years,” said Prime Minister Trudeau as his cabinet members hoisted him above their shoulders.


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