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Indigenous Veteran Settled In Post-War Europe After Realizing Conditions Were Better Than Living In


LONDON — Astounded at the level of freedoms his white cousins across the pond were enjoying, Gary Littlefoot decided to dissolve his Canadian citizenship, leave the military, and become a shoemaker in post-war England.

“The freedoms we were fighting for would not be extended to my people,” said Littlefoot. “So after much thought and prayer, I had decided to move closer to the British monarchy. Perhaps only then, I could fully experience the bounty and benevolence promised during the treaty signings. And plus, bangers and mash with a side of clean water! It is bloody hell better than starving back home.”

After being adopted into a British family, Gary learned how to build loafers from his experience building moccasins back at home.

“My last name isn’t Littlefoot for nothing,” said Gary as he placed a flat cap on his head and headed out to deliver his stylistic wares.

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