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Company’s Only Indigenous Employee Beginning To Think She Is Just There To Pad Diversity Numbers

TORONTO — Realizing that her salary far outweighs the disadvantages of working for a company that doesn’t appreciate her skills and abilities, Misty Littlefoot outlined her realizations of being the start-up company’s only Indigenous employee.

“I realize that the company points to me when they want more funding from the government,” said Ms. Littlefoot, Business Analyst. “An Indigenous mother of three looks good on the company’s business profile. It really shows that they care about marginalized groups. I don’t mind being the one posted on the cover of all literature and brochures, or that my job duties don’t reflect what I studied in college. They pay me to be pad those diversity numbers, and well!”

Sources confirmed that the small start-up company is also looking for someone from the LGBTQ community to further pad the diversity numbers.

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