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Why It Matters That John A. Macdonald Never Tweeted His Support For Bill C-15

A pack of social justice warriors took to Twitter to express their frustration that the late Prime Minister never signalled his support for the piece of legislation that would enshrine the United Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People into law. Here is why that matters.

”Just when you thought he couldn’t get any worse,” exclaimed Meredith Peppers. “This could have been his chance to make up for the Indian Act but he blew it. UNDRIP is the most important piece to undo the wrongs against Indigenous people and he never even sent a tweet acknowledging it. If the Indian Act is the starchy food, UNDRIP is the broccoli. Or something like that.”

It was also uncovered that in addition to submitting a complaint against the former Prime Minister, activists also want to know his exact whereabouts during the Oka crisis.

”He wasn’t even there to soothe the nation during the Oka crisis,” said a tearful Fletcher Williams. “You know, the more I learn about this guy the less I like him.”

It was important for John to heal the hurtful legacy left behind and as a result, history will now know him as not only Canada’s but the excrements left behind as well.


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