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Thunder Bay Police Steps Down From Hosting The Oscars Following Allegations Of Racist Behavior


THUNDER BAY — Embattled police chief, Sylvie Haulth tendered the force’s resignation as host of the 2019 Oscar Awards after a damning report revealed system racism within the police force.

“We did not think it would come to this,” said Haulth. “But after much self-reflection and thought, we decided we will host it another year when people are outraged over something else.”

Community members received the news of their resignation with mixed emotions. Most people welcomed their desire to change the way they carry out their public service. By most, we mean Indigenous people.

The board of directors for the Oscar Awards were reluctant to accept their resignation, citing a hidden talent within them to be a strong force for the common good in society. But in the end that talent has been overshadowed by unfortunate system racism, and no doubt a refusal to immediately and fully express remorse for it.


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