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Third World Countries To Send Humanitarian Aid To Canada’s Indigenous Children

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AFRICA – “When we saw the photos of children asking for new schools from their government, we thought it was taken in southeast Asia,” said Meredith Sey who works for the Ministry of Health in Tanzania. “It just broke our hearts to see one of the richest nations unable to take care of their own people. We marshalled what little resources we have so we can send immediate aid to these poor souls living in Canada.”

Tanzania has teamed up with several other African nations in order to send missionaries, clean water, and shelter to those living in poverty on-reserves.

“We asked World Vision for their assistance, but they said poverty in their own backyard just isn’t exciting enough for their missionaries,” said Sey. “Our humanitarian effort can only go so far. Besides, their government seems to be more concerned with building fucking oil pipelines than building a healthy and robust education system for Indigenous children.”

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