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Sask. School Forced To Shut Down After Reconciliation Outbreak

Saskatoon - Attempting to mitigate the damage done by a few rogue students bent on giving their land back to Indigenous people, Principal McRevis reported to health officials that the sudden outbreak of reconciliation was now under control.

"It all started when students discussed giving the land back," said McRevis. "We even witnessed a vexing situation in which a white freshman began to understand the inherent systemic privilege afforded to him by the unbalanced scales of Canada's history. It was, just... we had to turn away and call the proper authorities."

Sources confirmed that government officials upon receiving word about the outbreak, swooped in wearing white cloaks and told students and faculty to go home and self-monitor for any reconciliation symptoms.

If you or anyone you know has symptoms of reconciliation such as: understanding the treaty relationship in Canada, looking at the past and recognising all the racial injustices this country is built upon, or if you feel the need the challenge to your previously held beliefs and invest in stronger relationships with Indigenous people, then we recommend actually getting to it and reconciling that shit!


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