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RCMP Wishes For Simpler Times Like When They Could Just Give Up While Searching For Indigenous Women

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

rcmp bc suspects

Exhausted by the anguish of conducting a nation-wide search for the two “kind and considerate” murder suspects, a few RCMP officers took time to reflect on the times they gave up while searching for Indigenous women.

“My heart yearns to go back to simpler cases like missing and murdered Indigenous women,” said RCMP Constable Dave McSmith. “I miss tampering the evidence with reckless abandon, blaming the victim, and upsetting the families involved by our lack of due diligence. Now with this case, the public is paying more attention to so we have to pretend like we know what we are doing.”

A confidential source has confirmed that apparently, the two youth have undertaken the identity of two Indigenous women, thereby forcing the RCMP to subsequently call off the nation-wide search.


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