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RCMP Relieved The Racism Spotlight Is Taken Off Them For Once

Breathing a deep sigh of relief as her flock of constables did the same, RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki considered herself blesse that the spotlight of racism was taken off them for a brief second.

"That video of the racist incident at the Quebec hospital was a godsend," said Lucki. "After seeing our force in the social media spotlight for so long, it was great to get the heat taken off us for once."

Sources confirmed that the RCMP is investigating the events leading up to the incident so they can study it and apply it the next time they arrest an Indigenous person. The RCMP Commissioner also added that they are looking to hire the disgraced nurse to their squad. "She would fit in perfectly with the culture of racism we have dutifully been cultivating," said Lucki.


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