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RCMP Commissioner Vows To Complete Their Mission Of Fully Displacing Indigenous People

Responding to criticisms that the RCMP is not doing enough to stop the ongoing violence against Mi'qmaq fisheries in Nova Scotia, RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki reminded the nation on why the RCMP began in the first place.

"Listen," said RCMP Commissioner Lucki. "We were created by John A. Macdonald to extinguish the rights of Indigenous people and we will be damn sure we complete that mission. Even if that means sitting back and doing nothing, then so be it."

Brandishing a photo of the RCMP's hero, John A. Macdonald, Brenda Lucki pushed back a tear as she placed it back into her pocket. She then went on to unveil a list of policies that would "finish the job, once and for all" as she put it.

Sources confirmed that one of the new policies to extinguish the rights of Indigenous people was to sign another "treaty" with them, since nothing bad ever happens when those are signed.


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