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RCMP Announce Shooter's True Motives Will Be Revealed During His Inevitable Special On Netflix

After hearing news about the mass shooting that took place in Nova Scotia, RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki and Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos swiftly moved into action and announced a partnership to reveal the true intentions on why such a senseless act of violence would make a great media piece on the Netflix homepage.

"Look, this has all the ingredients of a top-rated true crime documentary," said Ted Sarandos. "I can see it already. We fade into a life of a white man who was looked up to by the community, a man unbroken, a man of peace and justice. Then suddenly, darkness. We add in some eerie music to reveal the true fabric underneath all the happiness and warmth. For added measure, we include anonymous interviews of people who knew him, who ask 'how could this happen? He was a family man'. And we also include true accounts spoken by RCMP and other public officials. The show will bring in great numbers!"

Sources confirmed that this is the ongoing trend where if the perpetrators of a mass shooting are from an ethnic minority they are condemned and forgotten by society, but when the killer is a white man they are given the benefit of the doubt, humanized, and even awarded the prime time slot on everybody's Netflix home page.


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