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Quarantined Racist's Computer Breaks Down, Forcing Him To Speak With Colored Person In Tech Support

After experiencing what can only be described as the "bane of the white man", local racist Bruce Johnson threw a keyboard across his mom's basement while shouting out ethnic slurs and expletives.

"What the fuck!" yelled out a visibly upset Bruce Johnson. "This is why we shouldn't let tiny dirty hands build computers anymore. It should be left up to the superior white people who have built this country. All I wanted was to post a picture of Pepe the Frog fucking the Pakistani flag on 4chan. And plus these guys at Microsoft have kept me on hold forever. I'll tell you what I'm.... oh, hello?"

Sources confirmed that after it was found that Johnson had no memory and zero bytes left on his harddrive, he violently accused tech support of being a "bunch of byte supremacists".


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