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New Trespassing Laws In SK Shows There Are No Greater Experts On Entering Land Uninvited Than White

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SASKATOON — New research by a team of social scientists at the University of Saskatchewan revealed that reasonable and pragmatic policy can only be enforced by those who have committed the crime first.

“Our collective history as white people reveals us to be the best experts on the matter when it comes to trespassing,” said Tanner Flip Flop, lead researcher at the U of S. “At contact, there were no laws in place to keep us from colonizing these lands, so we just went up and took full advantage. Trust me, we know how to trespass!”

The research paper was welcomed with open arms by people from both sides of the aisle.

“All I have to say is this,” said Chief Littlefoot from Bigfoot First Nations. “For over the past 150 years, you ALL have been trespassing!”

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