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Kanye West Reveals Indigenous Ancestry By Releasing New Song “Brown Skinhead”

kanye warrior

CHICAGO — “I just knew I had that fire inside me,” said a highly energized Kanye West. “There was always that voice calling out to me in the distance, telling me that I’m not only the greatest rapper of all time, but perhaps the greatest warrior in the game right now.”

After finding a few percentages on, Kanye proceeded to assemble an Indigenous drum group to play whenever he enters a room or drops a microphone. The singers from the drum group are featured on his new track.

“This song is not only talks about the struggle, but also my struggle, which is also the struggle. Do you think my ancestors would have loved “Niggas In Paris”? Of course they would, in fact my next track is going to be called “Indians In Paris.” Kanye then dropped his microphone and was pushed away on a bison made of gold and diamonds.


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