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Indigenous People Mostly Upset That Covid-19 Didn't Even Do A Land Acknowledgement

After hearing word that the Coronavirus entered Indigenous territory without conducting the proper protocols, Assembly of First Nations Chief Perry Bellegarde held a fiery press conference condemning the unruly plague back to whence it came.

"Pretty rude if you ask me," said Chief Perry Bellegarde. "Boldly waltzing upon Indigenous land without so much as a head nod, shameful. Land acknowledgements are a way to recognize and honour the treaty relationship, and this virus has no regard for any of that. At least acknowledge us, at least show some respect, at least put some lipstick on us before it fucks us!"

Health officials warned that this could become smallpox 2.0 if Covid-19 doesn't get its act together and begin honouring the treaty relationship in Canada.


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