Romeo Saganash Scores Nomination For Best Rap Album After Saying Trudeau “Doesn't Give A Fuck About"

OTTAWA — Feeling the love after receiving a nod from the Juno’s this year, MP Romeo Saganash celebrated by announcing he will be releasing a mixtape to commemorate such a wonderful achievement.

“It’s about time the Juno’s have recognized my ability to roast mf’s on the microphone,” said an indignant Romeo Saganash. “I been spending most of time on the back bench writing flames for the commons. Forget all that “Mr. Speaker” crap. It’s time for real lyricists to rise above all this politics. Best believe that I AM the answer to question period. Feel me?”

Sources confirmed that the mixtape will be called “I Don’t Give A Fuck About Indigenous Rights”, with Trudeau holding up a book explaining that he does not in fact, give a fuck.

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